At Agcad Design our policy is to provide our clients with a professional one stop design and documentation service at a reasonable price within a reasonable time frame. We listen to what the client wants, not design what we think.  Our experience in Engineering as well as Design will offer the clients practical cost effective designs with all the flair needed. We pride ourselves on staying up to date with all the latest council requirements and use the latest technology to produce your documents. We believe we can offer your clients a hassle fee personal service at a cost effective price.


Agcad Design was established in 1994 by Anthony Gibb. After working in Structural Engineering and with his passion for Design he felt he could provide a service for people wanting to deal with one group of consultants rather than two of three separate consultants. The idea of clients having all their requirements met at one place became popular and the Company soon began to grow. Agcad began to service major building companies, Consulting Engineers, Developers and the general public.   Agcad has continued to grow and boasts design connections to some of the Hunters most recognizable buildings and homes.

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Anthony in 1984!